Hey there!

I’m florenzius, but my real name is Florian, I am from Germany and since February 2013, I am playing TrackMania. With the first days in the ManiaPlanet-Community, I started to explore the content-tools ingame. In these early years I had some cool projects with other players, for example the film-project “Three Stages”, my first TitlePack, called “Lake”, later TrackMania 2 Snow and now my big project TrackMania One. I am doing stuff about 3D development/modeling.

Me in the ManiaPlanet-Community

Since 2014 I am active in the ManiaPlanet-Community. In June 2015 I joined Gaming Town Xeron, a gaming community. Later, in October 2016 the “fun”-community Noobalus & Stuff and just some days later iGn esports.

Gaming Town Xeron

June 2015 - May 2017 (closed)

GTX Website

iGn eSports

Since November 2016

iGn Website